One of the most common problems that people will encounter at their home, specifically with their plumbing, is dealing with a clogged up drain. This can be true of your bathtub or shower drain, and one of the main culprits for the blockage is the hair that will flow down the drain every day. There are many solutions for fixing this problem that a person can use at home without needing to call a professional plumber. If it is a substantial problem, a plumber may be necessary, but the following tips will help you try to fix this on your own using this very simple strategy.

Common Reasons Sinks Get Clogged

The type of clog that you have in any drain really depends upon where the drain actually is. For instance, if this is a kitchen drain, you are going to be dealing with a significant amount of particulate matter from food, grease, and many other materials that may originate from processing food in the kitchen. In the bathroom, specifically in the shower and bathtub drains, the main reason for the clogs tends to be hair, shampoo and soap. Sinks can also be clogged by hair in the bathroom, and if you are able to remove the hair, it is possible to unclog the drain right away. That is why many people will use a pipe wrench, remove the u-shaped trap, and physically push out everything clogging the pipe to make it work once again. Unfortunately, with some drains, specifically the shower and bathtub drains, you’re not able to have such an easy fix. That’s why using a plumber is sometimes necessary, or even products like Drano, but there is actually an easier solution that you might want to try first.

Unclogging Sink Clogs With Zip-It

One of the best tools for unclogging sinks and drains in the bathroom, blockages that are caused primarily by hair, is to use a simple inexpensive tool called a Zip-It. You can find this at any local hardware store. It will cost about $2.50 to purchase it, and it is a disposable item that can fix most clogs in these types of drains due to how it is constructed. It has sharp edges that can allow it to remove hair in the drain by pushing it in, and pulling it out. It is recommended that you work your way down gradually, slowly bringing out the hair that is clogging your drain, eventually removing it all. It may be a little more difficult than you would think, but once it is done, you simply throw it away once it has served its purpose. It is also recommended that you use gloves to protect your hands, a good idea for most people, allowing them to stay safe and also firmly grip the Zip-It device so that it can do its job.

Although it is possible that the drain could be such a substantial blockage that you will need to call a professional, if you are routinely removing hair from your drain using the Zip-It device, it will be very easy for you to keep your drains clear in your showers, sinks and bathtubs. Due to its low cost, it’s a good idea to get several of them, as you may need to use them regularly if you have a large family, especially with people that have large amounts of hair. It’s a great way to also save hundreds or thousands of dollars throughout the year which would otherwise go to your local plumber by simply keeping up on any blockages in your drains that can be caused by a mixture of both soap and hair.