If you have ever tried to hang a picture on a wall, especially when you are trying to line up your picture with others at the same level, you know how difficult this can be. It’s hard to determine exactly where the nail hole should go so that, once the picture is hanging, it will be level with the others. In order to do this, you could choose a number of different strategies including creating a line with chalk across the wall, pre-measuring the distance from the floor. You can also use a level where you can draw a straight line across the top, and simply follow the line to hammer in the nails so that you can hang your pictures. However, there is another way that you can hang any picture from a wall using a simple strategy, one that works best if you already have an existing picture that you are trying to level up with. It’s not that hard to do, and it only requires a few simple tools, and of course your picture, to get the job done right.

Materials You Will Need

The materials that you will need for this particular job include a hammer, a couple nails, and a piece of wood. It is recommended that you use a small piece of plywood, particleboard, or something similar.. The piece of wood should be about 1 1/2 feet in height, and about 5 to 6 inches across. There should also be a hole drilled at the top. At the bottom of the board, you will want to put a nail that will go through, coming out just an 1/8 of an inch on the other side. Once you have all of this material ready to use, you can start the process of hanging your picture.

Overview Of The Process

The first thing that you will do is hold the piece of wood up with your fingers with the hole that is drilled at the top. You will then hang the picture from the nail that is at the bottom. Once you have it in position, lining it up with the top of the existing picture that is already hanging from the wall, press the piece of wood firmly against the wall, and remove the picture from the nail. You will then take the hammer and make a slight tap on the nail that is in the board. This will mark the spot on the other side where the other nail will be driven into the wall with a hammer. Once done, put the board down, hammer the other nail into the wall, and then hang your picture from the wall which will be perfectly aligned.

Mistakes To Avoid

One of the most common mistakes that people make is placing the picture on the wall at a place where the studs in the wall do not exist, making it very difficult to hang have your pictures which are simply hanging from a nail that is hammered into sheet rock. You should use a stud finder to find the existing studs, and then do the procedure as mentioned above, so that you can not only get the picture perfectly level, but also make sure that the nail is secure. Obviously, this is not necessary if you are hanging pictures that are very light as they will likely be fine hanging from a nail in sheet rock. You simply have to make sure that the nail is at an angle, which will allow it to handle more weight, helping the picture to stay secure.

Once you have done this once or twice, it will be very easy to replicate the process. The most difficult part is actually creating the piece of wood that will be used to determine where the nail hole is going to be. Other than that, it’s a very simplistic process, one that many people would not think about offhandedly, but is definitely one of the best ways to continue to hang additional pictures across any wall by simply eyeballing the top of the frames and putting the nail where it needs to go. As mentioned before, if it is going to be a larger picture, then you will need to consider using a stud finder in order to drive the nail into something more secure. Other than that, there is very little to the process other than the preparation time necessary to get the board, nails, and hammer ready for this very simple procedure, one of the best tips for hanging your picture on any wall.