The various  abilities a handyman has varies greatly from person to person. A handyman can do basic odd jobs, such as yard work or raking leaves, or they can do more complex things, such as putting together furniture that is delivered as a flat-pack.

Before hiring a handyman, you should decide exactly what tasks need to be done and make a detailed list. Do not expect every handyman to have all the abilities needed to do everything that you need doing around your house. So be prepared, if you have a long list, to hire multiple people to get everything done.

Handymen are typically used for smaller sized tasks or one-time jobs. Handymen with a wider range of skills, and can take on the more complex tasks, are generally more expensive and you may be able to save cash by finding one who concentrates only on the smaller tasks, if that is all that you need to get done. If you merely need someone to paint a space, employing a specialist who also has woodworking abilities and electrical understanding may turn out to be more expensive. However, if you have a list of tasks that has both simple and harder, more time consuming tasks, then picking one who has a range of skills well suited to your list, although more expensive by the hour, could actually save  you both time and money.

Before hiring any handyman, make sure you ask in-depth questions about their experience. Getting references is very important. Don’t just get word of mouth references, but also ask to see work that they’ve done too.

It’s also important to find a handyman who is both bonded and insured too. There are many stories of devastating customer being left unhappy because of badly finished work from handymen, to straight-out theft from dishonest workers.

The best way to find a good quality handyman is by recommendation. The really good handymen remain busy simply because their happy customers are willing to recommend them to others. Speak to neighbors, your family members and friends to see if they’ve had positive experiences with any local handymen.

Get a written price quote that includes the rate and estimated time to complete the job. You’re better off trying to agree the price for the completed task ahead of time, rather than paying an hourly rate. You simply have no control over how fast or slow a handyman works. So those on an hourly rate may be tempted to slow things down, just to make more money. Unscrupulous handymen may  try to offer only a verbal estimate, and then present you with a final bill that is much higher than they originally quoted, stating a various factors and unforeseen items as the reason why the bill is so much higher. Know up-front exactly what the work will cost you and ask if there are any variables that may increase the bill.

A handyman who is eager to put his quote in writing,without you having to ask, is generally going to be more trustworthy, than those who only offer verbal quotes. If you have to ask them, and they aren’t willing to do this, then simply walk away and find another handyman to work for you.

Hiring a good, experienced handyman can be very useful option in getting a lot of smaller tasks accomplished around you. They can also be a a lot more cost-effective option then employing a contractor. Just be sure to check their references and ability levels prior to making a final decision and be sure you are 100% comfortable with the person before allowing them into your home.